Wall murals and Wall art all custom made for your office.

Wall Murals

Here at Digi Wall Murals your design for your wall mural is all up to you. From home to office wallpaper murals our attitude is simple… Get creative! You’re only limited by your creativity.

We believe that you should have full control over your design from the beginning to the end. Let your creativity flow and design your perfect wallpaper with our customer services design team.

If you need a high quality design and have creative ideas for your wall mural then our team will work with you to visualize your idea. Our design team is here to bring your ideas to life and make your design a reality.

Window Graphics

We offer a wide range of coloured window graphics to suit all business needs, from solid to translucent, frost and transparent.



We can also produce window stickers to help you maximise your window display.


Quality is at our heart and our wall murals are all about quality. From colour management to our printing method and delivery, we pride ourselves in only providing the best. Our latest printing technology allows us to take your design and print it directly onto wallpaper material. Combined with our colour management process this means that we can create vibrant tones and depth to bring your design to life.

Digital Murals

Made in the UK

We are proud manufacturers in the UK and all our wallpaper printing and design is done in our production department right here in Cambridgeshire. Our skilled production team uses the finest quality wall mural material and the latest printing technology.


We have five different wallpaper materials, from our traditional style to our easy to remove self-adhesive. All this choice is for you so you can pick the right one. If you have a high traffic area our standard smooth wallpaper is scratch resistant. If you are looking to frequently update your design our self-adhesive allows you to easily remove the wallpaper leaving little or no residue.

DIY (Do It Yourself) might not be your forte but have no fear, here at Digi Wall Murals we have professional installers. Installation has never been easier. Our team will inspect your wall and carry out any preparation work needed before installation. Sit back, relax and let our professionals install your wallpaper to the highest standard.