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Custom wallpaper Bristol

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Looking to decorate your office?

Custom wallpaper is a great way to bring exciting and professionalism into your workplace. Turn your blank beige walls into the perfect branding tool for your business. Made and installed by our professional team custom wallpaper Bristol is the perfect solution for you.


Custom wallpaper and custom window graphics provide many benefits to your Bristol business. A lot of start-ups and blue chip companies recognise that a creative working environment helps motivate employees to increase productivity. Google has been at the forefront of this rapid change in the way an office should look and how they have repurposed their offices to provide a better working environment.

How can custom wallpaper help my Bristol business?

It isn’t just about having a pretty office interior, it is there to be part of your overall brand. Custom wallpaper Bristol helps motivate employees by providing them with a fun creative workspace, but it also adds a level of professionalism as well. Office interiors have change over recent years to be more colourful to inspire employees but to also engage visitors as well. Isn’t it about time that you updated your Bristol office to reflect your brand with custom wallpaper?

Our custom wallpaper is applied directly to your walls so you can convert your blank wall space into a custom design tailored to you and your business. If you need a design created our team of graphic design specialists are on hand to provide you with a full design service and ensure that your design matches your needs.


What custom wallpaper products and services are available for my Bristol business?

We produce and supply custom wallpaper in a variety of different materials, which are separated into two different ranges, our pasted wallpaper and our self-adhesive wallpaper. These are aimed at providing you with the best result at a competitive price.

Custom Wallpaper

Our custom wallpaper allows you to have complete creative freedom. Our pasted wallpaper is great for short to long term projects and for those who are not changing their marketing message over a long period of time. Our self-adhesive is long lasting, but allows you to remove the wallpaper at any given time to update your marketing message.

Pasted Wallpaper

We have three different types of wallpaper to suit your needs. These range from our cost effective smooth wallpaper all the way to our premium seamless one piece wallpaper. No matter what you are looking for, we have a solution for you.

Standard Smooth

The Standard Smooth wallpaper is our most cost effective wallpaper in both of our ranges. It is a paper based material which is scratch resistant with a slightly reflective surface. This is suitable for those high traffic areas and has quick drying properties. The maximum width of the roll is 1.25m, which is double that of standard shop bought wallpaper in Bristol. This is a supply only wallpaper to ensure its cost effectiveness.

Seamless one piece wallpaper

Our seamless one piece wallpaper is one of our most popular wallpaper options. This wallpaper material allows you to wrap a room completely. It has a max roll height of 2.55m which is the same height as a standard room and has a roll length of 25m which allows you to wallpaper a large area. This material is thicker than our traditional feel and standard smooth making it a long lasting material as well.

Traditional Feel

Are you looking for a more traditional style of wallpaper? Our Traditional feel wallpaper is similar to that of shop bought wallpaper as it offers a non-reflective surface but provides great colour depth and rich tones. It also has a maximum width of 1.25m which is still double that of standard shop bought wallpaper. This wallpaper can be installed by our professional team to ensure that it is applied to a high quality.

custom wallpaper Bristol

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

There are two materials in our self-adhesive range and these are our lightly textured and heavy textured. Both of these materials are long lasting and easy to remove.

Lightly Textured

The lightly textured self-adhesive wallpaper is great for Bristol businesses as it had a medium to long lifespan. This ensures that it can be displayed for longer. Its self-adhesive nature means that is can be easily removed from the walls with little to no residue left on the wall; this means that you can easily change your marketing message whenever you need to. This wallpaper is great at hiding deep colours or marked walls as well due to its thick nature.

Heavy Textured

This material is thicker than our lightly textured material, allowing it cover deeper colours on walls. This is part of our self-adhesive range which means that it is easily removed from the walls leaving little to no residue. It can also be used as floor graphics giving this wallpaper material a dual purpose.

custom window graphics Bristol

Window Graphics

If you are looking at complying with building regulations in your office or looking to create a striking window display, our custom window graphics can provide the right solution for you. customise the shape, size and colours.

We supply a wide range of colours from solid to translucent, frost and transparent, which can all be cut to size, shape and also be printed on to maximise your marketing efforts. We also stock clear vinyl so you have a transparent background as well.

All of our window film material has a lifespan of two years, making them long lasting ensuring that your display lasts as long as you need to. Our window graphics can be used both internally and external to allow you to maximise your marketing opportunities.  This makes our window graphic range very versatile for your Bristol business.

Now that you have purchased your custom wallpaper and window graphics for your Bristol business, how are you going to install these? No need to worry, we also offer a full onsite installation service. Our team of professional will work closely with you to ensure minimal disturbance at your office or retail space. If walls need to be prepped beforehand we will ensure that they are ready for the installation of your brand new custom wallpaper.

Why choose Digi Wall Murals as your Bristol custom wallpaper supplier?

We are all about quality, short turnaround times and competitive prices, whilst providing 100% customer satisfaction. Here at Digi Wall Murals we always want to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide only the best service. From design to installation we will work closely with you to ensure that your deadlines are met whilst providing the best possible service.



What would I pay for custom wallpaper in my Bristol business?


We price our wallpaper on the material used, so this all depends on how much you need. The best way to get an accurate price is to measure your chosen wall and provide us with the measurements as this will allow us to provide accurate pricing.


Can you install my custom wallpaper in my Bristol office?


Yes, we offer a full onsite installation all carried out by our professional installation team.  We will ensure that minimal disturbance throughout the installation process.


How long will it take to print my custom wall mural?


This depends on the amount of material that is needed to be printed. If you are having a 25m wall printed, then it will take longer than a 2m wall print.  


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