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retail custom wallpaper

The interior design of your store is key in creating the right atmosphere for your customers. Using a bespoke wallpaper or window graphics can help to promote your brand image and increase your sales. Digi Wall Murals can help to design a retail wallpaper that fits in with your brand identity and appeals to your customers, whilst also making your shop space look professional and appealing. Based in Cambridgeshire, all of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, allowing us to create high quality products that meet your exact retail requirements.

Retail Custom Wallpaper

All of the retail wallpapers created by Digi Wall Murals are fully bespoke and we work closely alongside you to create your ideal wallpaper. Our design team considers the size, quality and shape of the wall that is being covered. We also take into account the location and footfall of your shop to make sure that your wallpaper meets your specific retail needs.

We have a range of materials that can be used for your store, including both pasted and self-adhesive wallpapers, ensuring that you get the finish that suits your commercial requirements. You can choose an image from our collection or you can use your own high resolution image for your stores’ wallpaper. We will always endeavour to find the ideal image for your retail space, if you can’t find the right image we have a photography service to help you create a concept that is just right for your sales outlet.


Retail Window Films

Alongside custom wallpapers, Digi Wall Murals also produce retail window films. These are a creative way to meet building regulations. Shop window films can be used for promoting your brand whilst making the retail space safer for customers and employees. Our window films can be cut to any shape and size and also come in a variety of colours and effects, including frosted window films. It is also an ideal way to create privacy within your shopping space. The Digi Wall Murals design team can help you to envisage an effective design that not only complies with building regulations but also grabs your customers’ attention.

Retail Window Graphics

Window graphics are an efficient way to advertise and promote your store. Digi Wall Murals can help you to transform your window displays and create an eye catching campaign space. Our retail window graphics come in a range of different colours and are guaranteed for two years. All of our retail graphics are manufactured here in Cambridgeshire and are of the highest quality. Our design team can help get the most out of your shop display space and will design effective window graphics that will appeal to your customers and boost sales. Retail window graphics are also great for seasonal displays and for use within your retail outlet. They can help identify different areas of the store or even give customers directions to different departments or concessions, all together improving the customer shopping experience.


Digi Wall Murals Services

Here at Digi Wall Murals we want you to have a great design experience. Our design team is here to help you achieve your retail design goals and create products that are eye catching and suit your brand identity. We offer a range of services that might help you to achieve your vision for your store. We offer a project management service that takes the hassle out of transforming your shop space, our team will help you discover the best designs for your retail wallpaper or graphics and see your project through from beginning to end. This includes installing your retail graphics and shop wallpaper to a professional standard making sure you receive the finest quality finish.



Is there a limit to the size a retail wallpaper can be?


No, we can create retail wallpapers to any size or shape. This includes producing wallpapers for large spaces or making a wallpaper that covers only a section of your store wall. As all of our retail products are bespoke we can make wallpapers to your exact specifications. We use advanced printing technology which allows us to print top quality wallpapers to any size required.


Do you offer a photography service?


Yes, we offer a photography service which can help you to capture the ideal image for your retail space.


How long do your window graphics last for?


Our retail window graphics can be used internally or externally. The conditions that they are exposed to will affect the longevity of the window graphics but we guarantee them for a minimum of two years.


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