Wall murals and Wall art all custom made for your office.

How can custom wallpaper help my Edinburgh business?

Custom wallpaper Edinburgh is all about adding professionalism to your business but ensuring that is also connects with your employees to increase their productivity. Lets us help you by providing your with custom wallpaper to incorporate into your Edinburgh business.

We offer mural installation as well all to the highest standard, whilst being safe and ensuring minimal disruptions to your business.  Our installation team is also Safe Contractor Plus certified for added reassurance.

We have a team of professional graphic designers who are also available to provide you with a design if you are stuck with ideas or need it to be design for your Edinburgh business.

Custom wallpaper Edinburgh

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Here at Digi Wall Murals we produce custom wallpaper and window graphics for Edinburgh businesses all to the highest quality standard. Our custom wallpaper Edinburgh is designed by you from scratch so you can ensure you can have your business interior branded the way you want it. Businesses are shifting to incorporate a more creative, fun and professional working environment and this has lead to companies investing in the business interiors to increase employee productivity. We offer a full onsite installation as well as a full design service to ensure that your custom wallpaper is right for you from concept to installation.


What custom wallpaper products and services are available for my Edinburgh business?

We offer two different ranges of custom wallpaper material, which are our pasted wallpaper and self-adhesive wallpaper. These ranges are designed to help meet your custom wallpaper needs exactly.

Pasted Wallpaper

Whether you are looking for a cost effective custom wall mural solution or you are after seamless wallpaper our pasted range can provide just that. We can even provide wallpaper samples so you can see the differences for yourself.

Standard Smooth

This is our most cost effective wallpaper material for those who are looking for budget wallpaper that is also bespoke. It has a slightly reflective surface, whilst being scratch resistant for those busy areas in your Edinburgh business. This is our supply on wallpaper and cannot be provide with mural installation.

Seamless one piece wallpaper

Are you after premium wallpaper that is seamless or a custom wall mural for a large area? Then our seamless one piece wallpaper can provide the right solution for you. Measuring at 2.55m high and on a 25m roll this is our largest wallpaper material. This wallpaper can even be used to wrap a whole room to incorporate a fully branded space. This wallpaper provides a clean and seamless finish and can be installed by our team of professionals at your Edinburgh business. This is also wallpaper that can be installed by our team of professionals.

Traditional Feel

Are you looking a custom wall mural material that is similar to normal wallpaper? Our tradition feel offers just that with a non-reflective surface and its absorbent material allows for a rich colour profile for any design. This wallpaper can be installed by our team of professionals.

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Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Are you looking for custom wallpaper with a long lifespan or removed easily to update your marketing message? Our self-adhesive range of materials all has long lifespan and can be removed easily from any wall.

Lightly Textured

Our lightly textured custom self-adhesive wallpaper comes pre-applied with adhesive for mural installation and easy removal, whilst leaving little to no residue on the walls. It has a medium to long term lifespan ensure your branded walls longevity. It is also suitable at hiding marks and deep coloured walls.

Heavy Textured

Our heavy textured custom wallpaper is our thickest wallpaper material which is perfect for high traffic areas and can also hide marks and deep coloured walls. This self-adhesive wallpaper is also re-applied with adhesive for mural installation and is removed easily leaving little to residue on walls.


Window Graphics Edinburgh

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If you need to comply with building safety regulations because of your internal glass walls our custom window graphics, which is also known as glass manifestation. We always ensure that your custom design complies with building regulations but also allowing you the freedom to create a design that is bespoke to your Edinburgh business. We can also provide businesses that have a window display custom window graphics to grab the attention of passersby. You can have window stickers or a full window display created by us here at Digi Wall Murals. Our window graphics can be customised to suit your needs.

There is a variety of colours and styles for you to choose from, we even have transparent vinyl and frosted window film. All of our windows graphic material can be printed on to fully customise your design. Why not have your design cut out of the material to provide a nice fresh look to your window display. Speak to one of our team today to see the full list of colours and styles.

All of our window graphic material has a two year lifespan ensuring longevity in your custom glass manifestation or window display and they can be used internally or externally depending on your needs.


custom wallpaper installation Edinburgh

We have an installation team who are professionals at installing custom wallpaper and window graphics. They are Safe Contractor Plus certified to ensure that all work carried is done in a safe environment and completed to a professional level. Our team we will work closely with to ensure minimal disturbance during the installation process.

Why choose Digi Wall Murals as your custom wallpaper Edinburgh supplier?

Competitive prices, short lead times, high quality products and services are at the heart of our business here at Digi Wall Murals. We want all of our customers to received outstanding satisfaction. We work diligently to ensure that we meet all of our customers’ deadlines, whilst also being there to offer them a design and installation service, ultimately making it easier on our customers.



Does custom wallpaper Edinburgh cost a lot?


This all depends on the material you have chosen and the size required. We do pride ourselves in our competitive prices to always provide you with a great deal.


We after mural installation can you install our custom wallpaper Edinburgh?


Yes we offer a full onsite installation service. Our installation team are Safe Contractor Plus certified to ensure that your wallpaper is installed to a professional level and safely.


We have a tight deadline for our custom wallpaper can you achieve this?


We have very short lead times to ensure that we can meet our customers’ deadlines. This will still depend on the size and quantity of your custom wallpaper.


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