Wall murals and Wall art all custom made for your office.

How can custom wallpaper help my Birmingham business?

Branding your office with custom wallpaper and window graphics isn’t just about making your office look pretty it is about extending your brand and incorporating it more into your office environment. It has been proven that wallpaper and coloured walls can improve employees’ productivity, ultimately leading to better business performance, which could then lead to increase sales.

Having your internal glass walls branding in window graphics is more about health and safety and ensuring that people do not walk into glass walls. However, with custom window graphics it means you can have an exciting design that matches your brand rather than a stock design.

In our service we can also include a full onsite installation and graphic design service so we can really meet your needs and ensure that it is finished to the highest quality.

Custom wallpaper Birmingham

custom wall mural Birmingham

We supply custom wallpaper and window graphics for Birmingham based businesses. Design your custom wallpaper Birmingham from scratch to be in line with your company branding. Businesses have changed over recent years, which have allowed them to change their business interiors to increase employee performance. We also offer custom window graphics to help business comply with health and safety regulations. We also supply full onsite installation and design service to ensure that your custom wallpaper and window graphics are right for your business, from concept to installation.


What custom wallpaper products and services are available for my Birmingham business?

We have our pasted wallpaper and self-adhesive wallpaper for you to choose from. These ranges have a variety of benefits that help meet your Birmingham business needs.

Pasted Wallpaper

Our pasted range offers a variety of wallpaper materials including cost effective to our premium seamless one piece wallpaper.

Standard Smooth

If you are looking for a custom wall mural that is cost effective our Standard Smooth wallpaper is right for you. It has a slightly reflective surface and is scratch resistant for those high traffic areas in your Birmingham business. This is supply only wallpaper and cannot be provided with installation.

Seamless one piece wallpaper

Are you looking to wrap a room in wallpaper or have a large surface area that you want to cover? Then our premium Seamless One Piece wallpaper is the right solution for you. It can measure up to 2.55 metres high and 25 metres long to provide you with a clean and seamless finish. This is one of our more popular wallpapers which can be installed by our team of professionals.

Traditional Feel

Did you want custom wallpaper that has similar properties to that of traditional wallpaper? Our traditional feel wallpaper is absorbent to ensure a great colour depth but has a non-reflective surface. Why not have this wallpaper installed by our professional team?

custom wallpaper Birmingham

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Our self-adhesive wallpaper range provides you with a long lifespan material and the ability to remove the wallpaper with ease if you need to update your branding.

Lightly Textured

This materials comes applied with an adhesive substance for mural installation, this adhesive also allows you to remove the wallpaper with ease whilst leaving little to no residue on the covered surface. It is suitable at hiding marks and deep coloured walls.

Heavy Textured

This is our thickest wallpaper material, which is great for those high footfall areas, whilst hiding deep colours or marked walls. It adhesive properties also make it easy to remove from walls leaving little to no residue. Similar to that of our lightly textured self-adhesive wallpaper it also has a medium to long term lifespan.


Window Graphics Birmingham

custom window graphics birmingham

Do you have glass internal walls? Do you need to comply with building health and safety regulations?

Our custom window graphics is the right solution for you. You can design your very own custom window graphic Birmingham to suit your brand guidelines. We help ensure that your glass manifestation complies with building regulations to provide a safe working environment for your employees. We can also provide Birmingham business with custom window graphics for their window displays that face the high street. Let your custom window graphics grab the attention of passing potential customers.

We stock a variety of colours and styles from transparent vinyl to translucent coloured vinyl, frosted window film and solid coloured window graphics. All this is to provide you with the choice that is right for your Birmingham business. Speak to one of our team to find out the full range of colours.

All our material for custom window graphics Birmingham has a two year lifespan to ensure its longevity throughout your promotion or health and safety needs.


custom wallpaper installation birmingham

We provide a full onsite installation service for both custom wallpaper and custom glass manifestation. We are Safe Contractor Plus certified so you can be rest assured that your work will be carried out with diligence and care. Our installation team will work with you to ensure that minimal disruptions are made during your day to day operations.

Why choose Digi Wall Murals as your custom wallpaper Birmingham supplier?

We are always striving for 100% customer satisfaction, whilst also providing competitive prices, high quality products and short lead times. We work diligently to meet our customers’ needs and deadlines, whilst offering professional services to aid them from concept to installation, all for the purpose of making it easier for our customers.



Does custom wallpaper Birmingham cost a lot?


This all depends on the material you have chosen and the size required. We do pride ourselves in our competitive prices to always provide you with a great deal.


We after mural installation can you install our custom wallpaper Birmingham?


Yes we offer a full onsite installation service. Our installation team are Safe Contractor Plus certified to ensure that your wallpaper is installed to a professional level and safely.


We have a tight deadline for our custom wallpaper can you achieve this?


We have very short lead times to ensure that we can meet our customers’ deadlines. This will still depend on the size and quantity of your custom wallpaper.


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