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estate agent wallpaper

Custom wallpaper can be a very effective promotional tool within an estate agent’s office. Many estate agents have custom wall maps which show off the local area and create a bespoke professional look. Digi Wall Murals can help to produce a custom wallpaper that enhances your estate agent business, using advanced printing technology here in Cambridgeshire.

Estate Agent Custom Wallpaper

Digi Wall Murals can create bespoke wallpaper that meets your design specifications. All of our designers are highly trained and can guide you in the design process to help create your ideal estate agent wallpaper. We offer both pasted and self-adhesive materials  and use different finished to create a distinctive finish. We also have a wide range of images that can be used for your estate agent wallpaper, or you can choose a different high resolution image to use for your wallpaper. Digi Wall Murals also offers a photography service to help you capture a unique image that matches your vision exactly. All of our estate agent wallpapers are manufactured in the UK and are produced to a high quality. The Digi Wall Murals installation team can also mount your estate agent wallpaper for you for a guaranteed professional finish.


Estate Agent Window Graphics

Estate agent windows are an important place for advertising, using window graphics can be a great way to effectively utilise the maximum space and promote your brand and products. The Digi Wall Murals design team can create functional window graphics that help to emphasise your display space. All of our estate agent window graphics can be produced to any scale, shape and colour. We guarantee all of our window graphics for two years and make sure that they are manufactured to the highest quality. Seasonal estate agent window graphics are an easy and effective way to promote your estate agency, creating a high impact display.


Estate Agent Window Films

Window films can help estate agents comply with building regulations in a creative and effective way. Digi Wall Graphics can produce simple frosted window films to help create private spaces within your estate agency. If you desire a different atmosphere or effect we also have a wide range of colours and all our window films are made bespoke to meet your requirements. Estate agent window films are a simple way to promote your brand whilst meeting building regulations. The Digi Wall Murals design team can help to bring your design ideas to life and create a successful promotional space within your estate agency.

Digi Wall Murals Services

Digi Wall Murals does not just produce your products, we offer a variety of services that can help you to achieve your design brief. Our design team are highly experienced and can help to create an effective promotional space for your estate agency. We offer a complete project management service which makes the design, production and instalment of your designs fast and simple. Our design team will make sure that you receive products that will work with your estate agent space, taking into consideration the size, footfall and shape of your estate agency.

Digi Wall Murals also offers a photography service to ensure that the wallpaper for your estate agents matches your brief exactly. If you cannot find a suitable image to use for your estate agents wallpaper or window graphics then the photography service is a useful option to get a professional, unique image.

Our highly skilled installation team can mount wallpaper for your estate agents to a professional standard, making the process easy and leaving you with an effective result. With years’ experience and high training levels our installation team can help to install estate agent wallpapers or window graphics in the most complicated areas, resulting in an effective and inspiring new look.



What type of estate agent wallpapers do you produce?


Digi Wall Murals create bespoke wallpapers that match your individual requirements. An effective wallpaper for estate agents is a wall map, which covers your local area and emphasise your regional Knowledge. Our design team can help you create a design that will utilise your space effectively.


Do estate agent window graphics have to be a set shape and size?


No. All of our estate agent window graphics are completely bespoke, we can produce window graphics to any size of shape, depending on your requirements.


Do you offer coloured frosted window film for estate agents?


Yes, we offer a range of different colours and frosted estate agent window films. We also have a variety of coloured frosted window films.


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