Window Film


We have frosted film and coloured frosted film, which can be a great way to market your internal space.

Coloured Window Film Designs

Our coloured range provides you with a way to create impressive window art.

Window Film For Business

We have an extensive colour palette. From frosted to coloured.

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Learn how to make office safe with window film and graphics with us today.


Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is a great addition to any office. Our range of frosted window film allows your office space to become more creative. Have your own design cut out and promote your business internally. Our frosted window film complies with the building safety regulations.


Our frosted range includes these colours:

  1. Frosted, Dusted 

  2. Offshore Blue

  3. Refreshing Mint

  4. Sparkling Yellow

  5. Romantic Rose

  6. Luxurious Gold

Our frost range is fully customisable; choose your size, shape and design.


Coloured Window Film

Our coloured and translucent window film range can also be used to comply with building safety regulations. This range offers a wider variety of colours for you to choose, with both translucent colours and transparent coloured vinyl.

Again this is fully customisable to suit you, with shapes, sizes and design. Print on your chosen material or have your design cut out. It is all

about choice.

See our extensive range of colours in our colour palette below.


Colour Palette

Colour is everything and your need to ensure that you pick the colour that is right for your business. Our colour palette helps you pick the right colour for you by displaying all our colour options available.

We have a lot of variety in our range from soft natural tones to deep rich colours, translucent, transparent coloured and clear vinyl. Please download our colour palette to see our full range of available materials for our frosted, coloured and translucent window film.

Download our colour palette here




Meet the standards: If you just want to meet the building regulations standards, then why not have some simple yet stylish lines, dots or shapes across the glass. This way you can add flare to your space, whilst not going overboard. This is great for showing off your company brand/personality for internal and external office spaces.

Let’s get creative: Why not create designs that match your brand but do not cover the glass completely. Use images or graphics and make you brand stand out from the crowd. Use in highly populated high streets to showcase your brand and drive traffic. You can also use it in your office as a creative decoration to highlight your brand’s personality, which is great for client meetings.

Big and Bold: Go big with full window coverage and really express your brand. Shout out what you’re all about and turn heads in the process. Get yourself recognised with great images and graphics. This is perfect for retail environments with a high footfall or offices that want to make a statement.

All our ranges can be printed on or cut to create your perfect window graphic to develop your brand.



Glass manifestation has a specific purpose, which is to ensure the safety of everyone around large panes of glass, either doors or panels. The legislation for manifestation comes under the building regulations document K titled:  Protection from falling, collision and impact.

Glass manifestation has strict regulations on its minimum size to ensure visibility and safety. However, a lot of companies have created large artworks that showcase their brand’s personality. This allows them to meet the necessary requirements without compromising on design or brand identity. 

Our printing and cutting methods will help you meet those requirements to ensure the safety within your office. For glass manifestation regulations sizes please see our compliance section. 

For further information on what is required view Building regulations document K (Source: