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Custom wallpaper Glasgow

custom wall mural glasgow

Looking to spruce up your office?

Custom wallpaper or a wall mural made is a great way to update your office interior. It allows you to showcase your brand and bring excitement to your office for both employees and visitors.

Digi Wall Murals produces and installs customer wallpaper and wall murals for various Glasgow businesses. In today’s work place a lot of companies are looking to their interior space to provide a great working environment, one of the best examples is Google. Not only does it provide an emotional benefit to employees, by increasing their productivity, it also allows visitors to see you are a professional but fun working space.

How can custom wallpaper help my Glasgow business?

Custom wallpaper isn’t just about how your office looks; it also increases employee productivity, whilst establishing a creative environment for your work force. Your employees are key success factors to your business and their motivation and productivity will help you get the best out of your business. You need to ensure that your office also looks and feels professional for any potential client visits. You want to make the best first impression possible and custom wallpaper can make that happen. 

Custom wallpaper allows you to take a blank wall and get creative with wall art that helps you maximise brand awareness. Be as creative as your want and we will tackle the rest of the process. Need help with a design? Our experienced designers are on hand to give your some pointers or provide a full design service for you.


What custom wallpaper products and services are available for my Glasgow business?

Digi Wall Murals have a variety of services to suit your Glasgow office needs. We offer custom wallpaper/ wall murals, window graphics and installation. These are aimed at providing with the best quality at competitive prices and short lead times.

Custom Wallpaper

Complete creative freedom is what our custom wallpaper and wall murals are all about. Pick from our two different ranges, pasted wallpaper and self-adhesive wallpaper.  Pasted wallpaper is great for those who are looking for short to long term visual solution. Self-adhesive wallpaper is perfect for those who like to update and change their wallpaper with different messages, so we have an option to suit all our clients’ needs.

Pasted Wallpaper

We supply three different types of wallpaper to suit your needs. From our cost effective smooth wallpaper all the way to our premium seamless one piece wallpaper. No matter what you are looking for, we have the perfect solution for you.

Standard Smooth

The Standard Smooth wallpaper is paper based wallpaper, which is highly scratch resistant and perfect for those higher traffic areas. Easily applied, quickly to dry with a reflective surface, the Standard Smooth is our most cost effective wallpaper. The maximum width of the roll is 1.25m, which is twice that of standard wallpaper. This is our only wallpaper that doesn’t come with installation.

Seamless one piece wallpaper

Seamless one piece wallpaper is perfect for larger projects, where you want to wrap a wall or to have no joins on a single wall. The wallpaper has a maximum height of 2.55m, which is higher than the standard room. This is our most popular wallpaper options, as this wallpaper material boasts rich tones and great colour depth.

Traditional Feel

Our traditional feel wallpaper is another paper based wallpaper material. Its non-reflective surface provides a great depth of colour, rich tones and sharp imagery. It has a maximum roll width of 1.25m, which again is twice the width of standard wallpaper. Why not have this wallpaper installed by our team of qualified professionals.

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Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

We supply two types of self-adhesive wallpaper. The two materials are lightly texture and heavy textured. Whether you are looking for wall murals or floor graphics, both of these materials are a suitable solution to meet your needs.

Lightly Textured

The lightly textured wallpaper has a medium to long term life expectancy, which means that you can display your branding for a long period of time. It can be easily removed with little or no residue left on the walls. This allows you to update your wall space with new projects/ product launches. This material is also suitable at covering deep colour or marked walls, to provide fresh look for your office or retail space. This wallpaper material has a maximum width of 1.3m, which twice the width of standard shop bought wallpaper.

Heavy Textured

This heavy textured wallpaper is another medium to long term solution. It is a thicker material compared to that of our lightly textured wallpaper. It is perfect for high traffic areas and is easily removed leaving little to no residue. The maximum width of the material is 1.2m, which is still wider than standard shop bought wallpaper.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics are a perfect way of maximising your window display, whether it is full height window graphics or window stickers for a promotion. Our process allows you to customise the shape, size and colour. Create a fantastic window display to entice potential customers. 

We supply a wide range of different colours, from translucent coloured window graphics, to frost and transparent window film. Speak to our team to see our full range of colours and styles. 

Our chosen window graphics has a minimum life span of two years, which is long lasting and ensure that your promotion is kept displaying at all times. Used internally and externally our window graphics material is very versatile.

Our team of installation professionals will help install your custom wallpaper for you. We offer a comprehensive installation service which fits you and you business. We will work with you to ensure that minimum disruptions are made and your wallpaper is installed to the highest quality. We will prepare the walls before work commences to ensure that you receive the best result.

Why choose Digi Wall Murals as your Glasgow custom wallpaper supplier?

Quality, competitive prices and short turnaround times is at the heart of Digi Wall Murals. We understand that a lot of customers want custom wallpaper in a short time frame and we will always endeavour to meet these demands. Stuck what design you want? Our team of design professionals will work with you to create the perfect custom wallpaper for you. We will also provide you with expert advice to get the best out of your custom wallpaper.



What are the costs for custom wallpaper at my Glasgow business?


As we offer a bespoke tailored service to all of our customers, this would depend on the measurements of the wall you want to have wallpapered and the material you choose.


We need our custom wallpaper installed at our Glasgow office, can you help?


No worries at all, we will happily install your wallpaper for you. Our team of professionals will always be on hand to help. We have installed wallpaper in various places across the UK including Scotland.


What is your custom wallpaper turnaround time?


Again, this depends on the material and size you have chosen, but we have some of the best turnaround times out there. We will always work to your deadlines to achieve the best result.


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