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Bespoke wallpaper is used heavily within the hotel industry, whether you are a unique boutique hotel or part of an international chain, custom wallpaper can help you to achieve you design goals. At Digi Wall Murals we have design experts who can help you realise your design requirements within your hotel. We use the most advance printing technology and have many years of experience in printing. All of our high quality products are produced here in the UK, from our design headquarters in Cambridgeshire.

What products can Digi Wall Murals offer my hotel?

Digi Wall Murals offers more than just specially printed hotel wallpaper. There is also a wide range of other products and service available from us. Window film and window graphics are also used in the majority of hotels and can be custom designed here at Digi Wall Murals. Hotel window graphics are a great option for seasonal use, they are also an effective way to display accreditations that your hotel has achieved. All of our window graphics are fully customisable so we can create an effective display that meets all of your unique specifications. Our hotel window graphics are guaranteed for at least 2 years and can be made to any size or shape.

Alongside hotel window graphics, Digi Wall Murals, can also make and design window film for your hotel. Our hotel window film is an innovative and creative way to comply with your building regulations. It is also an effective way to create private areas within your hotel and promote your brand. At Digi Wall Murals we have a variety of hotel window films available, included frosted and coloured films, our expert design team can help you to choose the most suitable design for your hotel.

Hotel wallpaper is used by many hotels. Whether it be in an individual room or in one of the hotels public spaces, custom wallpaper can help create beautiful spaces within your hotel. You have the option of choosing your own photographs or using our photography service which will capture unique photographs meeting your exact design brief. All of our hotel wallpapers are bespoke and can help you to create a brand identity and unique atmosphere within your hotel. There are many materials and finishes that can be chosen, including pasted and self-adhesive. As each wallpaper is bespoke you can have different finishes and details added using our inhouse printing technology.


What services can Digi Wall Murals offer my hotel?

Not only does Digi Wall Murals offer high quality products, we also offer a range of services to help with all of your design needs, from pre-production to installation. Our expert design team can help you to realise your hotel wallpaper and graphic visions. Along with experienced designers we also have in house photographers who can take unique photographs that match your hotel interior design image. Use this alongside our project management service and you will find that you will get a hassle free bespoke hotel wallpaper which meets all of your hotel needs.

We also have a highly trained installation team who will install all of our products to a professional standard. We will make sure that your hotel wallpaper will fit your wall and take into account any other factors that may affect the wallpaper, including the location and footfall of the area. Digi Wall Murals have the expertise, facilities and equipment to design, produce and install all of your hotels graphic requirements.




What can window graphics be used for within the hotel?


Window graphics are great for seasonal use and changing the interior atmosphere of your hotel. They can also be used for displaying accreditations or even for identifying different rooms or spaces for customer conference use. Our hotel window graphics are produced to a high quality and are offered in a range of different materials. Our design team can help you find the best ways to utilise our hotel window graphics.


Does your hotel window film comply with building standards?


Yes, all of our hotel window film meets the latest building standards. It is also an innovative way to comply with regulations creatively and can help boost your brand identity from within the interior of your hotel.


Do I have to use your photography service for images?


No. You can choose from a collection of images that we have available or choose your own image to use. As long as the image is high resolution our design team will be able to use it for your hotel graphics or custom wallpaper. However, if you struggle to find and image or if you want a completely unique photograph then our photography service will help you capture an image that meets all of your requirements.


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