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Office Wallpaper

office wallpaper

The modern office is an active and challenging place for many of us. So how can we also make it an area for ideas and inspiration that we enjoy being part of? Digi Wall Murals can help renovate your office space into a motivational and stimulating place to work. An exciting business space can help to improve productivity and morale, whilst also representing the brand image of a company.

Digi Wall murals is part of House of Flags, a leader in promotional displays for offices and businesses. With experience and the use of advance printing technology we will help transform your office and business space to reflect your brand image. Our products are proudly manufactured in the UK and our printing and design is done here in Cambridgeshire. From office wall graphics to office window vinyl you’ll receive the highest quality products.

What office products do you offer?

Digi Wall Murals offers a wide range of products for offices including, wallpaper, window graphics and window film. All of our products are customised and designed to fit your specific office requirements exactly. We have a range of materials that are suitable for office wallpapers including pasted and self-adhesive materials. Latest printing technology enables us to match specific requirements if different finishes are wanted.

For office window graphics, the material that we use has a minimum lifespan on 2 years. This enables you to display your designs for a longer time. Our office window stickers and graphics can also be used externally and internally as our material is very versatile. There is also a variety of colours in stock that can be chosen for your office window graphic display.

Window film is a great accessory for any office. Office window film is a great way to show off your brand, whilst also creating privacy in a busy work environment. Our frosted or coloured privacy glass film helps to transform your office space into a more creative environment. All office window film that we produce complies with building safety regulations.


Why choose Digi Wall Murals for your office wallpaper and graphics?

Not only does Digi Wall Murals offer wallpaper and graphics for your office, we also offer and range of services to help with the design process and installation. Our design team can help to design and create an inspiring office space, this includes suggesting suitable products and materials that will help to achieve your office vision.

We also offer a photography service to help capture a unique image for your office promotional space. This combined with our project management service means that you will get an office wallpaper or graphics that suit all of your needs. We take into account your office location and footfall to create specialised products that will work for you and your office space.

Our team also offers installation so that you get the best end result. Working alongside you from start to finish will mean that you get custom designed office graphics and wallpapers which meet your exact requirements and fits in with your office. All of our office products are made to the highest quality and will help you to achieve your office promotional goals.




Can you use your own photo or design for an office wall mural?


We can use any photo or design and transform it into an office wall mural, all we need is a high resolution file and your wall width and height.


What happens if we are unsure of the right design or photograph?


If you cannot find the perfect office wallpaper photo, our design team will help to achieve your vision. You can also choose a Shutterstock image and send us the URL.


Do you only offer office wall murals?


Digi Wall Murals can help create office wallpapers, but we also offer office graphics, including internal and external window stickers, window graphics and window film.


What are the building regulations for office window film?


Glass manifestation has strict regulations on visibility, size and safety. Our office window films can help to comply with these regulations in a creative way to help showcase your business identity. Our printing and cutting methods help to ensure that your office is a safe environment to work in and that regulations are met.


Does an office wallpaper have to fill a whole wall?


No, the size of your office wall mural can be any size or shape and does not have to cover the whole wall. All office wallpapers are designed to meet your office requirements and are fully customised to your preferences.


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