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Good food is a sensory pleasure. Taste is important, but also using the right visuals in your restaurant can enhance the experience. Digi Wall Murals can help transform your restaurant to create a visually appealing environment for your customers. Restaurant wall papers and graphics can help promote the image of your restaurant as well as creating atmosphere for your diners.

As part of House of Flags, Digi Wall Murals has use of the most advance printing technology available. There is also an expert design team with years of experience that can help you to realise your restaurant image. All of our products are manufactured in the UK in Cambridgeshire, ensuring the highest quality restaurant wallpapers and graphics.

How we can help transform your restaurant?

There are a wide range of products to choose from at Digi Wall Murals that will suit your restaurant needs. Restaurant wallpapers, window graphics, stickers and window films are a great way to create an atmosphere and promote your brand. With fully customisable products you are able to choose the best design and fit for you restaurant. There is also a range of materials to choose from, finding the best one to suit your restaurant, these range from self-adhesive and pasted materials. These different finishes and print details can be fully exploited using our advanced inhouse printing technology.

Our graphics are guaranteed to last for at least 2 years, which means that you can have long lasting window graphics and stickers, perfect for seasonal restaurant promotions or displays. With a wide range of colours you can be sure to create a restaurant window graphic that meets all of your requirements. Our restaurant window graphics and stickers can also be used for internal and external displays giving you freedom to explore the best look for your restaurant.

Privacy window film is an important creative tool in any restaurant. Complying with building regulations our restaurant window films allow you to meet regulations creatively. Using window film in a restaurant can also help to bring your brand to life, whilst also concealing staff areas. Digi Wall Murals can help you to fulfil your creative needs within your restaurant. There is also a choice in design for your restaurant window films, we offer a range of different restaurant suitable window films, including frosted and coloured window films. Our design team can help you choose the right privacy glass film for your restaurant.


Why use Digi Wall Murals for your restaurant?

Here at Digi Wall Murals we don’t just offer high quality products manufactured in the UK, we also offer a full design and installation service. We will help guide you to create the best graphics and wallpaper for your restaurant. We will help to create products which will build your restaurant atmosphere and you brand identity. Our graphic designers will work alongside you from pre-production to installation.

Digi Wall Graphics also has a photography service which can capture your perfect restaurant image which is unique to you. With our project management service, this will mean that you get an individual restaurant wallpaper or window graphics that take into account your location and other factors that may affect your restaurant designs.

Our installation team are also highly trained and will install all of our products to a professional finish. Your restaurant wallpaper will be bespoke and meet all of your requirements, creating a specialised unique finish, helping to create a strong branded atmosphere for your customers.




What can restaurant window graphics be used for?


Restaurant window stickers and graphics are perfect for promoting your brand externally. They can also be used to decorate internal windows and seasonal decals are a great way of changing the restaurant atmosphere.


Do I have to use my own images?


No, we have a range of images perfect for your restaurant wallpaper. If you cannot find a suitable photograph from our collections you can also source one and send it to us. As long as it is high resolution and we have your restaurant wall dimensions we can use most images. Our photography service may also be a great solution to get a unique photograph for your restaurant wall mural.


Is there a limit to the size a restaurant wall mural can be?


No, all of our restaurant wallpaper is bespoke and can fit any requirements you may desire.


Are your restaurant wall mural team experienced?


Yes, we have a very experienced installation team, that can ensure your wall murals, window graphics and window films are installed professionally and to the highest standard. As part of House of Flags our designers and installation team have had years of experienced and are fully trained in installing and design a wide range of graphic materials.


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