Wall murals and Wall art all custom made for your office.

How can custom wallpaper help my Sheffield business?

Not only can custom wallpaper Sheffield bring your branding to your business interior but it can also provide performance benefits to your employees. Our custom wallpaper allows you to add a level of professionalism to your business but also for your employees to connect with your brand. Making a great first impression for visitors is another bonus to customer wallpaper Sheffield and custom window graphics.

We offer a full onsite installation for our custom wallpaper and window graphics so you can be rest assured that it will be installed to the highest standard.

If you are stuck for a design our professional graphic designers will be on hand to work with you to create the perfect design for your Sheffield business.

Custom wallpaper Sheffield

custom wall mural sheffield

Offices have changed in recent years from being corporate to being colourful and creative. This change is to provide employees with a creative and productive working environment. Here at Digi Wall Murals we produce custom wallpaper for Sheffield businesses to allow them to turn their office into a great work space and to include their brand across their business. We also supply custom window graphics as well to ensure that you meet safe standards for internal glass walls and for businesses to create a great window display. Isn’t it time that your Sheffield office embraced the creative workspace through custom wallpaper.


What custom wallpaper products and services are available for my Sheffield business?

There are two ranges in our custom wallpaper material, which includes a cost effective solution, seamless wallpaper and self-adhesive wallpaper to meet your Sheffield business needs.

Pasted Wallpaper

In our pasted custom wallpaper range we have three different materials ranging from our cost effective standard smooth to our traditional and even seamless one piece wallpaper. Speak to our team to receive your wallpaper sample pack.

Standard Smooth

Suitable for high traffic areas this wallpaper is scratch resistant with a slightly-reflective surface and smooth to the touch. It is our most cost effective custom wallpaper solution if you are looking at branding your Sheffield business on a budget. This is supply only wallpaper and cannot be provided with professional mural installation.

Seamless one piece wallpaper

Looking for a wallpaper material that can be used for a large project? Our seamless one piece wallpaper is 2.55m high and comes in a roll of 25m, which means that we can cover large areas in one piece wallpaper. It provides a seamless and clean finish for any business. Mural installation can be supplied with this wallpaper material to ensure your wallpaper is installed to the highest quality at your Sheffield business.

Traditional Feel

Our traditional feel wallpaper has similar properties to standard wallpaper as it is a non-reflective material but its absorbent nature means it provides great colour depth and rich tones for any design. Why not ask about our installation service to ensure your wallpaper is finish to the highest standard.

custom wallpaper sheffield

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Looking to hide deep colours or marked walls with custom branding? Do you need wallpaper that can be removed if it needs to be updated? Then our self-adhesive range is the right solution for your Sheffield business.

Lightly Textured

Pre-applied with adhesive for mural installation our lightly textured wallpaper is easily removable whilst leaving little to no residue on your walls. It has a medium to long term lifespan ensuring your branded walls longevity. It is a great material for hiding marks and deep colours on walls.

Heavy Textured

This is similar to our lightly textured custom wallpaper Sheffield material as it also has a medium to long term lifespan. It is also easily removable leaving little to no residue on walls, but this material is thicker so it is better at hiding those marks and deep colours. This material is suitable for high footfall areas due it being one of our thickest wallpaper materials.

custom window graphics sheffield

Window Graphics

Need to comply with safety regulations for your internal glass walls? Why not chose our window graphics or as they are better known as glass manifestation. We will ensure that your business complies with health and safety regulations but allowing you to also incorporate your business branding to ensure you is getting the maximum potential out of your interior space. If you have a window display that faces onto a high street our custom window graphics Sheffield will be perfect for you to create an enticing window display to gain the attention of potential customers.

We supply a wide range of colours and styles, from solid colours to translucent and transparent colours, clear vinyl and frosted window film. Contact our team today to see the full list that we supply.

Made to any shape and size our window graphics are very versatile, from cutting out your design to having it printed onto the vinyl our window graphics will be able to provide you with the right solution for your Sheffield business. They are durable with a lifespan of two years and they can be used both internally and externally to provide you with the right custom window graphics Sheffield solution.


custom wallpaper installation liverpool

Are you looking to have your custom wallpaper or window graphics installed?

Our team of installation professionals are always ready to install your custom made wallpaper and window graphics. We are Safe Contractor Plus certified to ensure that we provide professional and safe installation, whilst causing minimal disturbance to your Sheffield business.

Why choose Digi Wall Murals as your custom wallpaper Sheffield supplier?

We pride ourselves on competitive prices, short lead times, high quality products and services along with an aim to provide our customers with 100% customer satisfaction. We will understand your business needs and can even supply a design for you if you cannot design it yourself. We also offer a full onsite installation service to ensure that your wallpaper is installed to the highest quality.



How much is custom wallpaper Sheffield?


We always ensure that our prices are competitive to ensure you get the best deal. All of our prices are based on material chosen, size and quantity.


We are looking for mural installation at our Sheffield office, can you help?


We have a team of installation professionals who are Safe Contractor Plus certified to ensure that you installation goes smoothly.


How quickly can you print my custom wallpaper Sheffield?


This all depends again on the size, material and quantity. We always aim to meet our customers’ deadlines and we have some of the shortest turnaround times.


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