Top 4 colours to inspire your work environment

No matter if you are looking to paint your walls or having custom wallpaper in your office, colour is very important. Colours can invoke an emotional response from people, which is why you need to consider your business decor very seriously. Every business wants to ensure that their employees are motivated and achieve their best. This is of course reason why employers should be looking at their office interior to aid in the encouragement of their employees.

Colours As previously stated colours can invoke an emotion response and here we will look at the connotations of these to see which colours can be a positive influence on employees. However, it is worth noting that even if colours have a positive emotional response some colours in the same spectrum will have a negative effect. Green

The green colour commonly symbolises nature, freshness and growth. Therefore, the colour green invokes a creative feeling behind it. “Research has linked green with broader thinking and more creative thought. People generally like green. “There seems to be a positive association between nature and regrowth,” - Forbes

Blue Blue is a very calming colour and when most people see blue they think blue sky or water. This helps promote a more relaxed environment. It is the colour that is also most accepted, so having a blue office will be likely accepted by the majority. However, some blues are associated with cold and sadness so ensure you have the right shade of blue.

Orange Orange is a bright colour and is of course closely linked with the fruit, promoting health and vitality. It also has a similar colour to the sun and the summer months, therefore it helps brighten up the room. It invokes a interested emotional response because of close link to summer. However, going too dark will look more of a warning sign, which will have a negative effect on your employees.

Pink You may be asking how is pink a good colour for my office? Well surprising to most pink is a calming colour. Its calming nature helps people relax and can be great for a meeting room. However, if you go too deep it will not look professional. Remember subtly is key to ensuring motivational success of your custom wallpaper.

It is good to match your walls with your brand so your promote consistency. Use other colours as accents to enhance your workplace creativity. This way you can maximise the motivational factors of colours whilst conforming to your brand guidelines.

Here at Digi Wall Murals, we are always willing to help our clients with their designing needs. Our team of experts can help you choose what is right for your walls. They are also on hand to help you collect all the information needed for our professional installation team.

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