How business interior design has changed over the years

Not long ago, in places very close to you, offices were bland, beige and unappealing, but hey they were just a place of work and didn’t really need to be jazzy, quirky or unique. If you go back 20 years office interiors looked very different then they did today. Since the launch of Google business interiors have been flipped on their head and now employers are looking at their interiors to provide a creative and comfortable place for employees to work, rest and play all in one location. We will be looking at how business have changed over the years and even going back in time to the 1980s and 1990s to see what they used to look like.

Pre-Google Era

Everyone in their late 20s and above will remember a world without Google but for a lot of people today Google is at the centre of their world from search engine to navigation and even smart phones. Before Google was even a concept the world looked very different and so did office interiors.


1980s office

In the 1980s you had big hair, brightly coloured fashion and yet bland cube offices. Those were the days of large open plan offices with cubicles where everyone had their own working space. These lifeless grey cubes were all the rage and you would rarely see an office without some. This was back when the cold war was at its peak and Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister. From the 1980s the 1990s were born and again office interiors changed.


1990s Office

The 1990s saw business interiors shift again this time it was because people were being more social in the workplace. This lead to open plan offices, were employees could begin to socialise whilst working but the interior design still lacked colour and vibrancy. The 1990s saw the introduction of more computers in the workplace as well which allowed people to work more efficiently and effectively, though they were very limited on what they could do. It was until the 2000s that business interiors really got creative.

Google Era (2000s onwards)

Google Office

Here is where interiors really came into their own, with the launch of Google and the World Wide Web becoming more accessible to the masses. Google was one of the first businesses to really flip business interior on its head. They were the company that started to introduce slides, custom built furniture and started using wallpaper on their walls. The reason for this was that employees reacted very well to these changes and it provided employees with a comfortable working environment that helped stimulate their motivation. From there other businesses started to follow suit and now it is common practice to have a bespoke interior all for the aim of pushing a company brand and providing a creative workspace for their employees.

The Future of Business Interior Design

Here at Digi Wall Murals we believe that the future trends in business interior designs will be geared towards creating bespoke environments for employees providing them with extra comfort and satisfaction. We believe that the workplace will become more social over time with a high focus on social areas, but also with more smart technological integration, ensuring that employees have an equal work life balance. Businesses have all being trying to work smarter rather than harder and we see this trend continuing in the near future. This means that the quirky and fun offices are here to stay especially with the millennial workforce.

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