Things to know before ordering custom wallpaper

There are many things to know before ordering custom wallpaper. Of course you need to know the size of the wall and have the design ready but is that really it for custom wallpaper? Well, we can say that there is so much more than you need to know before ordering your custom wall mural than the size and the design. Rest assured we will go through the main points to ensure you know everything before ordering wallpaper.

Size of you chosen wall

This is one of the necessary parts to what you need to know before ordering wallpaper. However, how accurate do you need to be when measuring your walls? The answer is very accurate as when dealing with custom wallpaper, if the size is slightly smaller than the wall then obviously it’s not as easy as running down to the shop to pick up another roll. Being very accurate with your measurements is paramount to ensuring that installing the wallpaper is done first time.

The quality of your walls

After measuring your walls you will need to inspect them as well. Is your wall a dark colour or does it have marks or blemishes from removing older wallpaper? We always recommend that you thoroughly inspect your walls because if you have a dark coloured wall you will need a thicker wallpaper material to cover it like our self-adhesive lightly textured wallpaper. Again if your surface isn’t smooth it will mean that preparation work might need to be carried out to ensure a smooth and professional finish.

How will you be using your custom wallpaper?

One of the main questions that should always be considered is how is what is the purpose of your custom wallpaper? Is it to brighten up your office to increase employee productivity? Is it to showcase your company values to potential clients visiting your office? Are you trying to create a theme for your retail space? It is always great to know the exact purpose for your wallpaper and the objectives you want to achieve with it. Carefully consider its purpose and if your design meets that purpose.

Do you know what wallpaper material you need?

Have you chosen your wallpaper material? Have you picked the right wallpaper material? Isn’t there just one wallpaper material? We supply various different materials and all with different properties and advantages. Knowing the materials beforehand will ensure that you pick the right material for you. If not speak to one of our experience team who will be able to recommend the right material for you.

Do you have a design for your custom wall mural?

This is one of the most important parts to your wall paper. Do you have a design? If so is it the right size for your wall? More often than not a design will not be suitable for a wall as it was not designed to the exact ratio of the wall. Always make sure that when designing your file is the same size, a half size or a quarter sizes as this will ensure its printability.

How will your wallpaper be installed?

Now that you have everything ready for your order the question is then how is it going to be installed? Are you going to install or do you need professionals to install it? It is important to consider what happens afterwards as you don’t want to be left with your custom wallpaper and no way of installing it.


Plan your project thoroughly ensuring that most or all details are covered. This will ensure that a project runs smoothly. Here at Digi Wall Murals we will are able to help you all the way through from concept to printing and installation. We will make sure that you achieve the perfect result that is right for you and your business needs. We also offer a complete design service for those who are not able to design their own wallpaper. Our professional installation team will ensure that all work is carried out to high standards whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

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