Wall murals and Wall art all custom made for your office.

What benefits will custom wallpaper bring to my Swindon business?

Custom wallpaper has three main benefits, which are that it motivates employees, increase professionalism and increases brand engagement from visitors. Employees are the heart and soul of your business and you will always want to get the best out of them. However, in recent years more and more businesses are turning to unconventional means to motivate their employees. This has led to an increase in offices with slides, grass, basketball courts and custom wallpaper. The days are gone for plain offices; it is now the fun offices which are getting the most out of their employees. Although offices are becoming a fun place to be, it does not detract away from their professionalism as businesses are transitioning from suits and ties to a more smart casual approach. The new professional is the fun quirky offices rather than the plain beige offices. An office that stands out from the rest also provides a conversational point for visitors, increasing their engagement into your brand, which opens the door to success by allowing you to demonstrate to them why your office is a great place to be.

We want you to be as creative as possible and with our custom wallpaper you can achieve complete creative freedom, whether you are looking for a simple word cloud or a complex design which incorporates illustrations, text and photographic images we can print it for you. We always emphasise that there is no job too big or too small for us! We also have a great design team on board who will be there to help you create the perfect design for your office wall space.

Custom wallpaper Swindon

custom wall mural swindon

Are you looking to update your office interior with custom wallpaper? Custom wall murals are a great way to update your office but also adding a level professionalism. Your own bespoke wallpaper has many benefits then just updating your office interior.

We print and produce custom wallpaper, wall murals and window graphics for various companies in the Swindon area. Custom wallpaper has many benefits, for instance it helps motivate employees by providing them with a creative workplace. Google and Lego use wallpaper to emphasise their branding around their office. These big blue chip companies are maximising their work space to promote creativity so shouldn’t you? You want to get the best out of your employees so why not start with some office wallpaper today.


I am look for custom wallpaper for my Swindon business, what is available?

We a collection of materials for you to choose from and in two different ranges for your Swindon office. There is pasted wallpaper and self-adhesive, both have fantastic properties to bring your idea to life. We can also produce custom window graphics and stickers as well.

Pasted Wallpaper

We have three different materials in our pasted wallpaper range. They range from cost-effective supply only wallpaper to a seamless one piece wallpaper. We have a range to suit your needs, plus we also offer a full onsite installation service.

Standard Smooth

Our Standard Smooth wallpaper is perfect for those high traffic areas, but it is also our most cost effective wallpaper, which allows you to have custom wallpaper on a budget. This wallpaper material is scratch resistant with a slightly reflective surface and spans a 1.25m width which is more than double that of standard shop bought wallpaper.

Seamless one piece wallpaper

Looking for a wall wrap or do you have a large open space that would be perfect if it had custom wallpaper? Our seamless one piece wallpaper is our largest wallpaper material. It spans an incredible height of 2.55m, which means that it is the same height as a standard room. It has a roll length of 25m which means it can wrap nearly any room in on go.

Traditional Feel

Are you looking for custom wallpaper that is similar to that of normal wallpaper? Our traditional feel has a no-reflective surface but has a rich tone and great colour profile. This wallpaper can come with our full onsite installation to ensure that your wallpaper is installed professionally. A maximum roll width of 1.25m is double the width of standard wallpaper.

custom wallpaper swindon

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

We have two wallpaper materials in our self-adhesive range; these are lightly textured and heavy textured. These wallpapers are perfect for those who want to change their marketing message as this wallpaper can be easily removed with little to no surface residue.

Lightly Textured

Our lightly textured wallpaper has a medium to long term life span, which means that your custom wallpaper is long lasting ensure that your brand is displayed for longer. Our self-adhesive range comes pre-applied with adhesive and leaves little to no marks on the wallpaper after removal.

Heavy Textured

Thicker than our lightly textured making it more durable is our heavy textured wallpaper. It is great for high traffic areas in offices and retail space. This material can also double up as floor graphics as well. Its self-adhesive nature also leaves little to no residue after removal making it perfect for those who want to update their marketing message on their office walls.

custom window graphics swindon

Window Graphics

Whether you are looking for window film to cover your office windows to comply with health and safety or you want to wow your potential customers with a window display our window graphics are perfect for you and your needs. We have a vast range of materials that are at your disposal for the perfect custom window graphic display. No matter if you are after individual stickers or a full window wrap in your Swindon office or retail business, our custom window graphics is the right solution for you. If you are stuck for a design our design service can ensure that you have the right design for your display.

We supply a variety of different colours from solid to frost, translucent and transparent window film. Pick the right material for you and have your design printed onto it to help maximise your marketing efforts. Speak to our team to see the full range of colours available.

Are you looking for a medium to long term health and safety compliance or window display? Our window graphics have a lifespan of two years, ensuring that your display is always visible.  Our window graphic material is also suitable for internal and external use to help you maximise your marketing efforts.

We offer a full onsite installation service for both our custom wallpaper range and window graphic range. Here at Digi Wall Murals we have a professional installation who can ensure that your newly produced wallpaper and window graphics are installed will little disruption to your daily operation.  Before work commences we will ensure that walls are smooth and if not they will be prepped beforehand.

Why choose Digi Wall Murals as your Glasgow custom wallpaper supplier?

Competitive prices, high quality materials and short turnaround times are at the heart of Digi Wall Murals. We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we understand our customers’ needs and work with them to always achieve the best result. We also offer a full design service if any of our customers can’t create a design themselves or need help. We also offer a full onsite installation service to ensure that your newly produced wallpaper is installed to the highest quality.


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