Custom Window Graphics

Custom Design

If you looking to create a big or small window displays, our window graphics are fully customisable. You can choose the shape, size and colours you want. Our graphics create the perfect window display for your promotions and complement your design.


We have a variety of colours in stock that you can choose from, or have your design printed onto our material to really set your display apart from your competitors. Download our colour pack to find out all the colours you can choose from. We even have clear vinyl so you can have a transparent background.


The material we use has a minimum lifespan of 2 year. Our long lasting vinyl materials ensure that your design is displayed for longer especially around those seasonal promotions. Our vinyl can be used both outside and inside making our material extremely versatile.


Window Decals and Stickers

Custom Design

A lot of window stickers and decals come in premade sizes and shapes. Here at Digi Wall Murals, we believe that you should have full control. Our window stickers and decals are fully customisable from shape to size and even colour. Let your design match your exact brand.


Our full colour range means that you can choose between solid matt vinyl, gloss vinyl, translucent or frosted to really match your design. All of our materials can be digitally printed on to, to create great visuals. Download our colour palette at the bottom of the screen to see our full colour range. We even have clear vinyl so you can have a transparent background.


Similar to our window graphics range, our minimum lifespan for our material is 2 years. So if you are after long lasting window stickers and decals Digi Wall Murals has just that for you. If you are looking for short or long term promotions our window stickers and decals are perfect for you.


Window Graphics UK

Colour Palette

Colour is everything and your need to ensure that you pick the colour that is right for your business. Our colour palette helps you pick the right colour for you by displaying all our colour options available.

We have a lot of variety in our range from soft natural tones to deep rich colours, translucent, transparent coloured and clear vinyl. Please download our colour palette to see our full range of available materials for our window graphics, decals and stickers.

Download our colour palette here



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